Your Quantum Healing Session

On the day of your session, you will come to your appointment with a list of questions that you want answered by your Higher Self. Most people make two lists; one of health/ body questions and another of life/personal questions. Remember that this is your session and these are just suggestions. If you are more comfortable creating your questions at the time of your session this is perfectly fine and works better for some people. There is no right or wrong in any of this. I will explain this bigger part of you that is sometimes called the Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Subconscious, Universal Mind or Over Soul and how I’ll guide you to make connection with it.

We’ll spend some time talking about your journey and your reasons for wanting this experience. We’ll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this state of relaxation to let go and allow yourself to have the best possible experience. We’ll talk about your life’s journey and go over your list of questions. Once we start the hypnosis process, you’ll be under for two hours or a little longer. This part of the session is recorded for you as people remember varying amounts.
While in this state of relaxation you may be guided through past lives that your higher self deems appropriate or other experiences your soul has had. If you don’t believe in past lives or are unsure, we simply call it a story. Either way your Higher Self is lovingly taking you to the place where your questions and issues began. If you know where something began at and why, then you can understand, heal and move on in a better way!

Once we are finished with this part, I will gently access your Higher Self to answer your list of questions and to scan your body to heal and repair issues that are known and sometimes unknown. Remember that all healing is self-healing and we will always receive what we are ready for. We more commonly know this Higher Self aspect of us as our intuition or gut feeling. And it does speak through us but rarely is acknowledged. We all have those moments of clarity where the most perfect words spill through and make perfect sense. Allowing the stream of consciousness called your Higher Self to use the gift of your voice is truly beautiful and amazing.

I will gently count you up and will discuss with you what occurred and what you remember. We may listen to parts of your recording and go over the answers you gave to your questions!
By the end of a session, one thing is for sure. You will not be the same person full of questions that you were at the beginning of the session. It’s common for clients to come out of hypnosis with a look of awe and wonder of now knowing the answers to their questions. That is the beauty of QHHT/BQH. You are gently guided into a deep state of relaxation where you easily have access to that bigger part of you that has the answers! This is a multi-dimensional experience and once having it you should have clear understanding of how to maintain this connection to your Higher Self in your quiet time. I always trust that the Higher Self will give each client the best and most appropriate experience possible.

I want to give you these five suggestions for having the best possible session. Again, you don't NEED to do anything before the session but if you resonate with any of the suggestions, they would probably be helpful.
  1. Intention Matters! It is helpful to have a clear intention for booking a session and most helpful to be able to relay this information to your chosen practitioner. Please take a few moments each day before your session to consider what your overall intention might be.

  2. A Quite Mind. Much of the world is talking about mindfulness and meditation these days. Remember Meditation is a practice! The goal is not a mind without thoughts, but a mind that is generally quieter or more capable of being quiet! If you have a practice please use what you have and take a few minutes a day prior to the session to quite your mind. If you don't currently have a practice, No Worries, just take a few minutes each day to sit quietly and relax. The idea is to just be aware of what you're thinking or feeling and not to become frustrated that you don't have a clear mind. You may simply observe the thought instead of chasing it. This "is" being mindful.

  3. Jumpstart the Imagination. Imagination is the language of your Higher Self. Allowing yourself access to your imagination can make all the difference in a quantum healing session! One of the things I often hear from a client is "I'm not sure if I'm making this stuff up or not". Once we understand that allowing the imagination to flow "is” communication with our higher self we are able to hear the subtle messages of the Higher self. Be easy.

  4. Drink Water! Again, I am not trying to make any changes to your life but I do want you to have the best session possible. Being properly hydrated will help your body and your mind in the session. Many of the "higher selves" I've been in contact with have stressed the importance of water calling water "liquid consciousness". If you aren't currently drinking enough water please increase your water consumption 5-7 days before your session.

  5. Expectations- The Double Edge Sword. Please do not have a specific expectation! Keep it simple and as joyful as possible understanding everything is going to go perfect according to your higher self. Let go and enjoy!

Love you! 💓